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Our Tribe


After spending the last 15 years traveling the globe, living the fast paced, high stress lifestyle of the American Dream, Caroline was unfulfilled, uninspired, stressed out, and just plain tired. She knew there had to be more to life than this, and so she set out to find the love of life. Along the way, she learned of Kava Culture, which focuses on people, fun, relaxation, and enjoyment of life.

She had found her tribe. And born from it is Kava Culture: the modern day chill lounge, where everyone is welcome and inspired. With her passion for health and healing, she strives for all to learn the Kava Culture way of life, and have fun, relax, and enjoy life! Plant Tribals is an extension of that dream and brings the Kava Culture lifestyle to wherever you are. 



Jacqueline was your typical American girl: grew up, went to college, had three kids, got a good banking job, went on vacation once a year, ate pizza and BBQ'ed on the weekend. Never really paying attention to the food or where it came from, her kids starting getting sick, and constantly complaining of stomach aches. She then went on a journey to understand the food she was putting in her and her family's bodies. 

She discovered how processed and far from food the normal American diet really is. She now promotes organic, whole natural foods and beverages, and acts as our "quality control" here at Plant Tribals and Kava Culture. Her commitment to you is: if I wouldn't give it to my family, I wouldn't give it to you, our extended family.